Keep it Simple, Stupid

A few months ago, I bought a Magic Bullet at Costco. Actually, my friend bought it for me – did you know they only take debit or AmEx cards at Costco, no other credit cards? #haters But I digress. I have been trying to make post-yoga smoothies with it and have been failing left and right. Each one was worse than the next. Granted, I tried to use skim milk and fat-free yogurt (both of which I hate) so it’s possible I was just setting myself up to fail. But more than that, I think I was just making them too complicated. Today I made a smoothie that consisted of nothing but frozen blueberries, full-fat milk (yum!) and a tiny squirt of agave. IT WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. Maybe not, but it was damned good. Point being, sometimes the best things are the most simple. A few good ingredients made me much happier than all the complicated recipes I had tried in the past. Tomorrow, we swap out mango for the blueberries. I can’t wait!


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