Acceptance, not Expectation

Saturdays and Sundays I practice yoga at Bikram Yoga East Harlem Most days class is taught by either Stephanie (who runs the studio) or Cheryl. I should take a step back and mention that I have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies. I like to think that if yoga was an excel spreadsheet, it would be Bikram. Same 26 poses plus two breathing exercises every time. Basically the same script every time. Early on, I had a teacher say that we didn’t have to think – that the teacher was there to think for us, that Bikram was a moving meditation. The script is like a chant – we breathe, we move, we take Savasana.

I have seen the bad side of that set script, though. People anticipating the next move because they have the script memorized. I am guilty of that, I try to stay in the moment and listen to the words but sometimes (like in Standing Head to Knee Pose, for example) I really want to hear the teacher say CHANGE.

Back to today, back to my standing Sunday class with Cheryl. But we had a sub today. A man who went so far off script I thought the woman in front of me was going to lose her mind. And at first, I will admit, I too was a little put off. But then I realized that there was a lesson to be learned. That this was, in fact, the height of what yoga practice is supposed to do. We are there to receive. We should be ready to accept the class as taught. Today I learned to accept, not expect.

I did still get my doughnut, though. Somethings must stick to the script as written.



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