Weekly Workouts (October 13th)

I have been a member of basically every gym in NYC – started with Crunch, then went to New York Sports Clubs, then Equinox (for a hot minute, I’m not independently wealthy) and then back to NYSC.  I even tried the YWCA a couple of times.  But I was never consistent with any of it.  Try as I might, I hate running on a treadmill and could never get in to lifting weights.

Enter ClassPass.  A monthly membership allows me to take an unlimited number of classes (three per month at 100+ studios).  I have taken two classes in one day!  I average three per week (plus my standing weekend Bikram classes).  This week I am going to Revolve Fitness on Wednesday for their Body Ride.  I have never been to Revolve before but that is the beauty of ClassPass – trying out new studios with no actual commitment.  We’ll see how it goes.  Thursday is Atamanda Yoga, a lovely little studio near Gramercy Park.  They have these amazing mats that help you measure your stance so you are perfectly aligned for each pose.  My triangle pose was a mess before I started taking classes with them.  And Friday I am signed up for a little lunch time yoga at Yoga Shanti.  A beautiful way to end the work week, I feel like I am in Jeannie’s bottle (is I Dream of Jeannie too old for most of you?) when I practice there.

If ClassPass exists in your city, and you want to check out some boutique studios (and larger chains) I suggest joining.  ClassPass introduced me to FlyWheel which I LOVE and allowed me to take classes at Uplift (which I just could not afford otherwise).

Happy Monday!


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