Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare

Dough, an amazing doughnut store in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn has opened a new location in the Flatiron district of Manhattan.  They are giving away one doughnut per customer for free today (head there now if you can, when they run out – they will close for the day).  This new location is a problem – it is way to close to where I am sitting right now.  Thank God I already have a spin class planned for tonight.

Dough makes beautifully crafted doughnuts.  The flavors are unusual but inviting – passion fruit with cocoa nibs, tropical chili and hibiscus are just three of the many delicious offerings.  The doughnuts themselves are soft and not too chewy.  The glazes aren’t too sweet – allowing you to taste the flavors, rather than just sugar.

I have rotated through favorites starting with the aforementioned passion fruit.  When I first went back to work after maternity leave for my son and needed the extra sugar, the Cafe au Lait was my go-to choice.  But lately I have been getting the cinnamon sugar.  Their doughnuts (the actual pastry) are so good on their own, it’s nice to be able to just taste that yummy fried dough goodness.  With a cold brew (cream, no sugar) to accompany it – I couldn’t ask for a better breakfast treat.

With them strategically placed en-route from my daughter’s school to my job, I am asking that you all pray (for me, my waistline and my wallet).  Jesus take the wheel.


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