Doughnuts (no Yoga)

Today the world conspired against me, or more specifically – my waistline. We (as a family) have too many things to accomplish today – so my lovely, leisurely Bikram class had to be sacrificed. However, my husband – in his infinite kindness – bought us four douhgnuts yesterday from Dough Loco (we ate two yesterday, saved the second two for today). Hence douhgnuts without yoga.

My loss is your gain, however, as I can now tell you about multiple yummy doughnut flavors in one sitting. The first is Maple Miso which actually tastes like real maple syrup (I went to college in New Hampshire, just across the border from Vermont, so I know whereof I speak). The Blood Orange has that wonderful sourness to it – the sugar they use isn’t overpowering so you get to experience flavor not just sweetness. When it comes to combining flavors, I think their best doughnut is the blueberry/rosemary/lime. The blueberry comes through first, then the lime and then the rosemary and you think you won’t like that finish but it is amazing. My husband has also tried the raspberry sriracha, which I believe is their best seller, and said that it was good, but he didn’t taste the sriracha. However, I think he is secretly half-Mexican and, as such, immune to spices.

They are not to be blamed at all, but Dough Loco doughnuts do not taste as good the day after. So you will be forced, FORCED, to eat them all when purchased. A true sacrifice. If you find yourself with extra doughnuts and need help consuming them, you know where to find me.


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