Let it Go (Not Like in Frozen)

This morning, on my way to work I received (my entire office received) an email saying that we couldn’t get on our block because of “police activity.” Waiting in the street with some friends, I had an empty bag in my hand. The remains of my breakfast, coffee and a doughnut. The following conversation ensued:

Friend: Do you have a doughnut for breakfast every day?
Me: Basically (real meaning: three times a week, sometimes sugary cereal, sometimes a muffin – which is even worse)
Friend: How do you stay so fit?
Me: Yoga, lots and lots of yoga.
Friend: I mean, for someone your age, you’re so…intense.
Me: Someone my age?
Friend: You know, most people in their advanced years…
Me: Advanced years?
Friend: Well, when I think of my parents…
Me: I think you would be better off just not talking.

I am 38, she is 27. If I am in my advanced years, she is in for a rude awakening. But the reality is, I know I am staring down 40 like the barrel of a gun and it is the motivator I need to make it to yoga (or spin, or whatever new strange ClassPass thing I signed up for this week). It is the motivator I need to have one doughnut, yes – but not three or for or have a box of Entenmann’s be all I eat for the entire day – two for breakfast, two for lunch, two for a snack, two for dinner, all washed down with a gallon of milk.

I am 38 and have two kids and want to be healthy and happy and be able to chase them around when we visit our friends in Putnam County who have acres of land and a pool and I don’t want to be out of breath five minutes in to said visit. I am 38 and have two kids and want to teach them to have a good relationship with food and exercise and allow themselves some indulgences; as long as they are balanced with some rigor.

So was she wrong, yes – I am not in my advanced years. But yes, I look as good as I do because of yoga, because – when necessary, I will get back on My Fitness Pal and log every single thing that I ingest so I can get back on track. And I know, in her heart she didn’t mean any harm. And I know that I keep thinking about it because of my own issues, not her intentions.

Later in the day someone told me that he was shocked to learn that I had two kids – that I seemed way too young for that. So let’s focus on his sentiment, shall we.

Let it go.


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