Wednesday Workout (Yoga Vida On-Demand)

Lately the world has been conspiring against me (or more specifically, my exercise routine).  My husband has been working more, my mom/babysitter hasn’t been feeling well and it seems my boss spends every waking moment in the office.  After work classes were great in the summer but my mom being sick nixed those – need to pick up the kids as soon as I can.  Before work classes were OK for a while but my boss is now coming in to the office at 8AM most days so those are out.  Life as an Executive Assistant, what can I tell you.  Thankfully I have managed to protect my Saturday/Sunday Bikram classes – for the most part.  But two days a week does not a yoga practice make.

I have tried practicing at home before but always hated it.  How am I supposed to know if I will like the teacher until after I purchase the video – or on-line access to them.  Thankfully, Yoga Vida (a studio I love) has classes on-demand.  If you live in NYC and practice yoga you MUST go to their studios (one by Union Square, one in NoHo).  Naturally, practicing with them at home doesn’t allow the peace and tranquility of their studios, but it is nice to be able to search through their classes by teacher and know that I will enjoy the experience.

This morning I did the 30 minute Morning Wake up Class with Heather Lilleston.  One of my favorite teachers, Krissy Jones is in the video as a student so it was fun to have her as a secondary guide to make sure I was in proper position/alignment.  As with past attempts to practice at home, I felt a little silly.  I need to do a better job of making a space for my practice.  Getting in to triangle pose at 6:30a only to look over at your pile of (thankfully clean) dishes is not exactly meditative.  But as I sit at work now, I do feel better for having made the time for my practice this morning.  I have been wanting to work on my inversions so I think a home practice will be good for that – so long as my kids aren’t awake, running around me, ready to pounce.

With yoga crossed off my to-do list, I almost don’t mind how nasty and rainy NYC is today.



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