My Bedroom (Studio Review)

This is not a joke, I missed my Bikram class today because my husband was late coming home from getting his breakfast tamale. Seriously.

So I locked myself in my bedroom and fired up my Yoga Vida On-Demand subscription service. Today I did Krissy Jones’ “Yoga for Flexibility” class. It is an hour long vinyasa flow sequence focusing on flexibility and range of motion – I am super flexible to the point where I feel like I can get in to poses incorrectly but it’s hard to tell because there I am – holding the pose. I really need to sign up for a posture clinic. Or invest money in a mat from Atamanda that has markers indicating where my feet should go.

But I digress – the class I did today had a great flow to it, building to Crow pose – which I am still not very good at. But was more willing to look like a fool in my own home than I am in public. Something else I need to work on – who cares if I look like a fool.

The studio itself – my bedroom – was a better setting than my kitchen, where I tried to practice yoga the other morning. Of course, in the middle of my first chaturanga my son started pounding on the door. And during triangle pose, a strong smell of bacon (my daughter’s favorite snack) started wafting under the door. But I made it through – and am always happy with any flow that includes pigeon.

Finding peace in a beautiful studio is easy. Today I really had to focus on finding peace within myself. It is easy to meditate in a quiet, calming room. Today, if only for a few minutes at a time, I managed to meditate amidst the chaos that is my house. And walked out of my bedroom much calmer than I walked in.

Tamales be damned, I got my yoga in for the day! And rewarded myself for this accomplishment with a coffee and doughnut from Dunkin.

Namaste bitches!


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