Weekly Workouts (October 27th)

I’m loving waking up early for my Yoga Vida On Demand practice. I did the 30 minute morning practice today (in my kitchen, with the dishes) and am all the happier for it. Hoping to do that every morning this week.

The boss man is out Thursday and Friday so I may go to Flywheel – it has been a while. And then Saturday and Sunday I WILL go to my Bikram classes.

I want to add running in to the mix. I hate running. But it’s free and I can do it whenever I want and Central Park is right there. For some reason, I am very shy about getting up and running outside. There is something very exposing about it to me. I’m practically naked practicing Bikram, but I’m in a room full of other scantily dressed people and we are all there with the same purpose and I feel support. With running, I feel vulnerable.

I have the outfits, I have completed a marathon (if you can believe it) but the idea of running three miles by myself is terrifying. This will be my next challenge. Going for a jog.

Happy Monday.


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