Flywheel Flatiron (Studio Review)

My word do I need to work on my cardio!  But that’s not why we’re here.

I LOVE Flywheel.  I have visited their location in Lincoln Square and have been to the new one in Chelsea.  But I am most consistently spinning at the Flatiron location – which was their first ever location.  While this studio is more than lovely and accommodating, when compared to the others you can see a little of the wear and tear.  Of which they are aware – renovations are coming soon.

I did the 12:30p class today with Alison Cohen – my first class with her.  Her music selection was great, even if she didn’t always strictly stick to the beat.  Flywheel classes are taught in a room that is mostly dark, with stadium style seating – so everyone can clearly see the instructor.  For 45 minutes (there are 60 minute classes but I haven’t been that brave yet) the instructor leads you up “hills” (more torque), motivates you through races (less torque, faster pace) and a quick arm workout (with 2lb or 4lb bars – you would be surprised how quickly those 2lbs feel like 20!)

Water and towels are provided (both hand towels for during the class and larger towels for the shower).  Thoughtful amenities are also available like hair elastics, blow-driers and deodorant – just saying.  The showers are stocked with Bliss products – yum – which can sometimes lead to people taking rather long, indulgent showers.  Not Flywheel’s fault at all!  They even have fruit out (usually bananas, sometimes apples) for that pre or post workout boost you may need.  Yum again!

I will admit, I have never been to Soul Cycle.  It seems like a cult, A, and B I hate that you have to pay to rent your shoes.  Flywheel has spoiled me with the free shoe rental.  And at the Chelsea location, they have your shoes in a little cubby (numbered to correspond to your bike) waiting for you when you check-in.  Maybe with the renovations, they will be able to do that at the Flatiron location as well – it’s a nice touch.

Naturally, ClassPass originally introduced me to Flywheel.  But I recently purchased a package – the cancellation policy is better and I want to be able to go more than three times per month.

Never coast.


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