Yoga + Squats + Doughnuts = Happy Halloween

This morning I woke up feeling super tight from yesterday’s Flywheel class so I was extra happy for my morning practice.  Hurray for Yoga Vida on-line.  Today I tried the Rise and Shine: Quick Morning Practice.  A basic vinyasa flow that built to headstand.  My body needed it – when we got to head to knee I could JUST ABOUT touch my toes – which is crazy for me as I am super flexible.  Thank you morning practice.

Today was day one of my 30-day squat challenge.  I did 20 counterbalance box squats.  Going in, I thought – this is going to be easy, why are we starting with such a low number.  Well – by 15 I was thanking God I only had five to go.  Maybe my legs are tired from Flywheel yesterday, or maybe I just want to believe that.  But I felt it in my arms as well.  So I am now all the more jazzed about this challenge.  Will I be able to do 50 prisoner air squats on day 27?  I guess we’ll find out.

After dropping my daughter at school (dressed as Super Why) and my son (who is a dinosaur) with my mom I treated myself to a pumpkin doughnut at Dough.  I honestly wish they would make a plain doughnut with nothing on it – not to take away from the glaze, but looking at the doughnut sitting next to me I can tell you that the pastry itself is beautifully fluffy and perfectly balanced with a slightly crisp outside.  I want to taste that by itself.  But my word if this pumpkin glaze isn’t amazing.  Starbucks Pumpkin Spice is just a pile of chemicals.  THIS is like eating a pumpkin pie but as a doughnut and yes please I am in heaven!

It’s 9:35a and I already feel the day has been a success.  Happy Halloween, y’all!


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