Weekly Workouts (November 3rd)

This week is going to closely resemble last – similarly, my boss is in the office and my husband is working a lot. I am going to fiercely protect my Bikram classes on Saturday and Sunday. I’m signed up for Flywheel on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and have my alarm set to wake up early and do my Yoga Vida on-demand practice tomorrow and Tuesday.

As repetitive as this all is, I hope I make it through – sitting here typing, my thighs are feeling the effects of Flywheel today and Bikram yesterday. It will be interesting to see how I feel next week Sunday.

I will go through days 4-10 in my 30-day squat challenge, finishing out the counterbalance box squats and moving on to the prisoner box squats.

The photo is from a company outing – I wish it was from a planned workout for this week. Hopefully I can add some variety back in to my exercise routine next week.


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