Doughnut Plant for Breakfast

So last night I was researching doughnuts, as one does – and saw that Doughnut Plant has a lavender flower doughnut right now.  Yum!  I am a big fan of flower flavored things.  This morning I went to DP (can I call it that?) thinking I would get one yeast and one cake and report back to you lovely people.  But I was denied – which only means I will be forced, FORCED, to go back.

Instead, I purchased three cake doughnuts: tres leches, blackout and wild blueberry.  The tres leches is my favorite of all their doughnuts.  When I buy doughnuts for the office (which happens a lot) I always make sure to buy an extra one for me which I have them package separately in it’s own bag because if I came back with 24 doughnuts and somehow didn’t get one whole tres leches for myself, we would have problems.  Tres leches is exactly that – a milk cake doughnut filled with vanilla pudding and dipped in a milk glaze.  Somehow it isn’t too rich or too sweet.  The creamy center guarantees that it will always have that amazing softness to it.  Never disappoints.

I didn’t actually ask for a blackout cake doughnut.  I’m not the biggest chocolate person.  But the cashier rung it up and there it was in my bag and this is a taste test after all so here we go.  The blackout doughnut is a chocolate lover’s dream: chocolate cake, filled with chocolate pudding, dipped in chocolate glaze and sprinkled with chocolate cake crumbs.  It’s like the moistest chocolate cake you have ever had.  I can’t imagine eating a whole one without a big glass of milk, which isn’t a complaint.

I’m pretty sure they picked these wild blueberries THIS MORNING before shoving them in this doughnut.  Yum!  I took a bit and then looked at the doughnut, trying to understand what was going on.  The cake doughnuts are this lovely balance of what you would imagine from a birthday cake and a pound cake.  This doughnut manages to balance that with fresh blueberries and a sweet glaze (used sparingly) which makes for a lovely experience.

If you’re wondering what happened to the rest of the doughnuts, my office-mates were more than happy to help me in this journey.  Tres leches is still my favorite.  But I thank the other two doughnuts for there participation.  All washed down with a cold brew coffee, half-and-half/no sugar.  Good morning to me!


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