21 days vs. 28 days (Breaking Bad)

Let me start by stating – I have never watched one episode of Breaking Bad. Cray, I know.

But my question is about breaking a bad habit so here we go. Why are we told that we can create a new habit in 21 days but need 28 days to break a bad one? How do I distinguish between starting a good habit and breaking a bad one?

From tomorrow, Monday, we have alarms set for 6AM. The plan is for my husband to go for a run every day and for me to do some yoga, maybe my squats (I need to move up to the intermediate level) and get the kids ready for school.

One of my oldest friends got married tonight and as such, I am a little tipsy as if write this. So we’ll see how it goes. Pray for us.

I am signed up for Flywheel on Monday and Tuesday and have a Bikram posture clinic on Thursday. My husband is already sound asleep. So maybe. Maybe. Tomorrow can really be day one. Fingers crossed.

Happy weekend!


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