Corn Salad (Monday Meals)

This isn’t really a meal so much as it is a side – but it is one of my husband’s favorites and it’s super easy so here goes.

8oz frozen corn (I buy a one pound bag, shake half in to the bowl and save the second half for another salad)
1 cup of cherry tomatoes, cut in half (usually 12-15 tomatoes)
one bell pepper, diced (I normally go with orange because the colors are prettier but all I had was red, forgive me)
1/2 a medium onion, diced (less if you aren’t a nut like my husband, it’s a lot of onion!)

salt and pepper to taste
I normally also use some combination of sage, oregano, cumin and dried basil.

Chuck all the wet ingredients in a bowl and mix, then add the dry ingredients and mix again. That’s it! What is wonderful about it is, as the corn melts and the tomatoes release their juice (gross) a sauce of sorts is created with the seasoning and is super yummy. Even better, it keeps well and can be eaten over a number of days. My husband usually eats it with crackers as a snack. Originally it was meant to be served over lettuce with portobello mushrooms that had been soaked in a vinaigrette but my husband didn’t like them and it was labor intensive (comparatively) so we dropped that bit.



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