Camel Pose + Rabbit Pose

Finally, two poses that I put together in my mind and correctly so.  Camel (as seen in the photo above) and Rabbit compliment one another so well.  Physically the first compresses the spine while the other expands.  However, I feel there is a deeper emotional connection – where the first opens the heart, the second allows you to draw back in to yourself.

Camel Pose (or ustrasana) is honestly one of my favorite poses and perhaps indicative that I have a slight masochistic streak.  I actually feel better the farther I push myself in to the pose.  When the pose comes up in class, my teacher always asks, “What time is it East Harlem?”  And the regulars all respond, “Camel time!”  To which Cheryl confirms with “El Cameo!” and the newbies with confused looks.  I am only guessing, I have never asked – but it always seems to me that the rest of the class is calling out with disdain, while I am excited.  Maybe it’s because I anticipate the joy that always washes over me after the pose is done – it truly does open my heart.  Outside of the emotional benefits, Camel also strengthens the neck and spine and opens the rib cage creating more space for the lungs.  I can take deeper breaths now than I ever have before.

Rabbit Pose (AKA sasangasana) is a hard pose for me because of my chest.  I can’t fully get in to position without feeling like I am asphyxiating myself with my boobs.  That and my pony tail or bun often get in the way.  All that said, there is something very comforting about curling in on myself after the emotional release of Camel.  In this pose, I always have to remind myself to press my feet in to the floor – which helps keep the pressure off my head.  I am very flexible so I don’t feel this as much as most, but it is a great stretch for the spine which in turn nourishes the nervous system.

With regards to our attempts to break bad, my husband woke up early yesterday and went for a run (yeah) but didn’t want to today (boo) but I managed to get up and do my morning yoga (yeah) but can’t see the intermediate 30-day squat challenge unless “like” it on Facebook or Twitter (neither of which I have – boo).  So I will have to find another one.

And I had an amazing cranberry relish and cream dough-seed filled doughnut today from Doughnut Plant.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!  Namaste.


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