Weekly Workouts (November 10th)

I know it’s already Wednesday but I was hungover on Monday so here we are.  I managed to make it to Flywheel on Monday with said hangover.  It wasn’t pretty but I felt much better after.  Hurray exercise!

Tuesday morning I did Yoga Vida On-Demand before work.  In the kitchen, in my t-shirt and underpants.  It’s fun when your husband and son walk in on you in the middle of a modified pigeon pose.  I have never done this variation before but after a few spinning classes it felt great, have to show it to my runner friends.  Amazing stretch in the hips and hip flexors.  Might do it again Friday morning.

Tomorrow I am signed up for a standing series posture clinic at Bikram Yoga NYC/Flatiron and couldn’t be more excited.  I want to be able to film it and take notes but hopefully my body will remember what it is told and I will be able to put my new-found knowledge to use when I go to Bikram Yoga East Harlem on Saturday and Sunday!

Our plan to break bad is going well – my husband woke up early and ran again today.  I need to find a way to enjoy running.  Maybe Beyonce blasting in some fancy Beats headphones would help?  Or maybe I just want to listen to the Queen Bee?

Pictured above is Balancing Stick Pose.  It wasn’t easy to get in to and then hold this pose without warming up, while wearing skinny jeans, perched on a stool/table/stump.  When I came out of it, the blood rushed out of my head and I understood immediately why we only hold the pose for 10 seconds.  Woah Nelly!

Namaste y’all.


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