Coffee with Half and Half

In New York we have every combination and permutation of anything under the sun.  But sometimes, it’s nice to just come back to the basics.  This morning, that meant a plain doughnut (it’s an off-menu item) from Dough and a coffee with half and half.  It was simple and lovely and I couldn’t be happier.

The same is true in life.  There are a million trends or catch phrases that all circle back to the same idea.  The Paleo diet really just means eating clean, as we did before the advent of processed foods and fake sugars.  “Quality time” with your family is just spending time together, talking, with your phones put away and maybe a nice meal on the table.

Not too long ago, I quit Facebook.  I don’t miss it for a minute.  Checking on the lives of people I knew ten years ago while ignoring the people in front of me is not a way to go through life.  All this to say, sometimes it’s nice to take one thing away and appreciate the others.  Sometimes it’s nice to just stick with the basics and enjoy.

Once upon a time I had an INSANE Starbucks order – no joke: tall whole milk two pump salted caramel mocha.  No, really.  Today – small coffee with half and half.  So much nicer.  The trick is to drink ANYTHING but Starbucks and you will appreciate the flavor of the coffee and the cream and not need the syrup and this and that and the other to mask the burnt coffee taste.  Yuck.

Do you really need ten different pairs of jeans?  Do you honestly need to be texting ten different people at once while at a concert?  Maybe pick up the phone, call a friend and have a nice chat over a good glass of wine.  One beautiful bottle of Sancerre will do so much more for you than a shitton of shots.

Or maybe I’m just showing my old age.


Yes that link above purposefully brings you to Intelligentsia Coffee and not Starbucks.  #treatyoself


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