90 Minute Moving Meditation

I was able to put what I learned in the posture clinic to use in my Bikram class this morning and it was GREAT. But not in the way I thought it would be. I figured I would be more conscious of my postures in some of the standing series – with Standing Head to Knee, Standing Separate Leg Stretching and Triangle Pose for sure. And that was was true for those postures and more.

My floor series benefited as well. I was more conscious of where I positioned myself. I listened better to the instructions. I was more aware of what my body was doing, where I could push and where I needed to accept my limitations (for now, anyway).

After class, I was talking to Cheryl (my yoga teacher) and one of my fellow students. They were asking about the clinic and what I enjoyed most. Honestly, the best part of the clinic was the people who admitted they were afraid to try something but pushed through that fear and went farther in a pose than they had before. Cheryl tells us that the person who holds a pose isn’t challenging his or herself while the one who falls out is trying to do something more than then ever have before. My class probably looked messier than ever, but it was one of the best, most challenging classes I have had in a long time.

Be brave.



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