Stick to what you know (Dough Loco Cake Doughnuts)

I went to yoga this morning at 9AM and when I got home, my husband went for a run. If you have read even one post you already know that we rewarded ourselves with doughnuts. We follow Dough Loco on Instagram so we knew they were branching out in to cake doughnuts. We tried the lemon blackberry and Amaretto cake doughnuts and the cinnamon sugar yeast.

I hate it when the thing I try first is the best of the lot. The Amaretto cake was a lovely blend of spices and sweetness with a freshness to it that immediately let me know it was made not too long before my husband purchased it for us. The glaze was thin and melted in my mouth. Yum.

The lemon blackberry doughnut was boring – which I didn’t think would be possible. I had assumed that the cake would have a lemon flavor to it – but I was wrong. It wasn’t the same base as the Amaretto either, which might have helped it. It was a very basic plain cake which would have been fine if the glaze had made an impression but it didn’t either. The lemon was bland. The blackberry was the only thing that stood out – it was clearly made with fresh fruit.

The cinnamon sugar doughnut was screwed from the start – the cinnamon sugar from Dough is my favorite doughnut out there right now so it had some stiff competition. But worse than that, this doughnut reminded me of just how BIG Dough Loco doughnuts really are. Usually the size of the doughnut is balanced by the glaze (pineapple brown sugar or blood orange). This was just a big doughnut with some bland toppings.

Still – they were 1,000 times better than Dunkin so all was not lost.



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