Weekly Workouts (November 17th)

We are breaking bad!  It’s happening!  My husband and I are doing a much better job of consistantly waking up early and doing some form of exercise.  It was my turn this morning, once again going with my Yoga Vida On-Line practice.  They recently moved to a different platform – other than a more expensive monthly fee, the transition was seamless and I will have access to even more videos, so that’s nice.  And they are organized in a way that makes it much easier to navigate.  Hurray improved UX!

I clearly pushed myself extra hard this weekend because I woke up feeling pretty tight.  I could barely make it up in to my first Down Dog.  But by the end of my 30 minute morning flow, I was happy as a clam.  Hurray vinyasa yoga!

Flywheel is in my future on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Both classes are with Grant Belton – hopefully I like him!  Hopefully I’m not hungover and I improve upon my last performance.  But I’m not promising anything.  #detoxtoretox  I found this great article on Yoga for Cyclists so I am going to try to make that my focus on Wednesday and Friday mornings.  Not that I consider myself a cyclist for even a minute – but I certainly get the pains of one.  And I know I need to work on my Pigeon Pose.

And then on Saturday and Sunday I have my usual Bikram classes scheduled.  Yesterday, I asked Cheryl (at Bikram Yoga East Harlem) about my Floor Bow.  As mentioned in earlier posts, it’s a posture that I have a hard time with.  However, when I got in to it and asked what I could do to make it better, Cheryl asked if I was getting ready for a regional championship.  Now, I am no where near being ready for anything like that.  But it was nice to know that she thinks I could be – one day, maybe.  With that in mind, I may go for a double this weekend (back-to-back Bikram classes).  Pray for me.

Namaste and Happy Monday!


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