I’m Just Gonna Stop Eating Carbs

Conversations I have had:

Person: You look great!
Me: Thanks!
Person: How do you do it?
Me: Well, I try to keep a balance. Eat well when I can, lots of vegetables and lean protein. Luckily I love yoga and Flywheel so that helps. But you know, it also allows me to eat doughnuts and have a bottle of wine with dinner when necessary.
Person: Oh, I’m just gonna stop eating carbs.

Person: You’ve lost a lot of weight.
Me: Getting ready for my wedding.
Person: Can you share the diet with me.
Me: Sure but it’s basically lots of vegetables and lean protein.
Person: So like a chicken pot pie?

I had the exact same conversation as above but with the person replying: I already do that – when I go to McDonalds, I only eat chicken nuggets, no fries.


If you haven’t figured it out from the title of this blog, I am a big believer in balance. Work/life balance. Complex carbohydrate/Bikram Yoga balance. It’s why I love the idea of detoxing to retox. I don’t go to yoga or spin class just to go. I love the classes, obviously. But I also go because it allows me to go have drinks with a friend who is in town for one night. Or celebrate an engagement over cupcakes and champagne.

Denying yourself an entire food group instead of getting up off your butt and doing some exercise is insane to me. If you just walked to work a few days a week, you would shed weight and be able to “indulge” in the doughnuts I brought you as a treat. Maybe you don’t like yoga or spin class. But you might like running or swimming or any number of things that burn more calories than watching TV while simultaneously checking Twitter on your phone. Getting up at 6AM this morning wasn’t easy. But it allowed me to get to Flywheel before work which, in turn, made me feel JUST FINE about my amazing meatball sandwich from Num Pang. I will NEVER give up carbs. I will NEVER give up yoga.



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