Carver’s Mini Doughnuts

Today I took J&G for a walk up to 129th and Lenox to visit Carvin’s Mini Doughnuts. It was my third visit and I am so glad I went back. I loved them the first time but wasn’t impressed the second. Dedicated doughnut lover that I am, I needed to make a third (deciding) visit. And I’m glad I did because I finally figured out – they are best eaten warm!

I went with six today (two of each flavor):
Faith: maple syrup, raw sugar, butter crunch (least favorite, not sure what butter crunch is supposed to be. Ate some separate of the doughnut and still not sure).
Passion: caramel drizzle, sea salt (caramel super sweet but balanced by the salt, the most simple of the three it allowed me to taste the doughnuts themselves which were good but not great).
Fun: peanut butter drizzle, jelly drizzle (best of the bunch, peanut butter warm, yum, want more, should have bought more).

They serve La Colombe coffee (yum!) and the 30 plus block walk helps burn off calories (yeah!) Anyway, I’m still not the biggest fan but the walk was nice and it’s good to change things up. If you are in the neighborhood, give them a try. And it’s a small family owned store, so that’s always a plus.


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