Seeing your Transformation is WOW!

My Sister-In-Law made this specific comment to me earlier this week but she isn’t the first. She’s just the only one who said this to me in writing so I can quote her verbatim.

When people first started saying things like this to me, I would brush them off – or rather, correct them. I have been this weight before. I have had a steady Bikram practice before. I was on the rugby team in college and completed the NYC Marathon. My mom was a professional ballet dancer and at 80 still does martial arts three times a week. I enjoy being physically fit, competing against myself – it makes me happy.

The transformation is mental. I am trying to do a better job of inviting people in to my life. Of showing people what is important to me. Of telling friends that they are important to me.

My transformation is WOW. But not in the way you may think.



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