Weekly Workouts (November 24th)

The crazy person who lives inside me wants to sign up for 50 classes next week as I am off from work on Thursday and Friday. But the wife and mother in me needs to remember that my daughter will be out of school and my husband has time off because it’s Thanksgiving and we’re meant to spend that together as a family. Whatever. I kid, I kid!

But I am all set for the week, never the less. Bikram on Thursday (before I start cooking the turkey) and Sunday and Flywheel on Friday and Saturday (my husband has to go to his second job for a bit). I would love to find a way to finally get a double (two Bikram classes back-to-back) in there somewhere but I think it’s going to have to wait for the two weeks I have off for Christmas.

I planned ahead and found a class I really like on Yoga Vida On-Demand. It’s a 40 minute flow that includes Warrior III, Pigeon, Headstand and Full Wheel all of which I need to work on. I want to practice the same flow Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to see how I progress from one day to the next. We’ll see if my kids allow this to happen!

I’m giving myself Monday off, it never happens and then I just feel guilty/upset. But I need a day of rest! Today it is.

Over the weekend I bought the Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga to help with my at-home practice as well. Yesterday, because of the clear instructions regarding how to get in to the posture (and some great photos) I was able to hold a headstand for twice as long as I ever have before. Exciting!



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