More Dough(nuts) Make their way Across the Bridge

Since Dough opened their Manhattan location, they have slowly been introducing more of the flavors available at the original Bed-Stuy location.  Today I saw their apple jam on offer for the first time as well as something new (to me, anyway): chai cream.

We’ll go with the new experience first. Admittedly my chocolate knowledge is not the strongest when it comes to doughnuts (my husband would normally be the one taking care of things here). But this chocolate is definitely really rich and stands up to the strong flavor of the chai cream. The filling on its own is a bit overwhelming and the chocolate by itself is a tad bitter. But it would seem they knew all of this going in, because the flavors balance each other well. The ratio of filling to pastry to chocolate is perfect.

The apple jam doughnut is bursting with house-made yumminess.  The jam is more like apple sauce and the cinnamon sugar topping makes me lick my fingers between each bite.  The lovely little doughnut is topped off with three little candied apple slices, yum!  And of course, the freshness of the dough itself is always present.  Their doughnuts were so clearly made moments before you buy/eat them.  Never disappointed.  It’s not a doughnut I would want to eat every day but it makes for a fabulous treat.

Thank you little doughnuts for bravely coming to Manhattan. If you can convince your friends coconut cream and blueberry jam to make the trip as well, I would be very grateful.

Happy Wednesday to me!


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