Giving Thanks

More than anything I am probably thankful that my boss doesn’t read my blog because I use his office for photo shoots more often than not.

Real things to be thankful for:

My family: My mother is my best friend. She is my rock, she is the foundation on which I stand. I will forever be grateful for the support she provides. My husband puts up with me. I can’t imagine going through this crazy thing called life with anyone else. My daughter is proof of God. She gave me the best present ever – she made me a mom. And my son is just insane and reminds me to not take things so seriously.

My home (meaning NYC): On many “Bucket Lists” around the world, it is the city I get to call my own. It provides me with new things to explore and old standbys. It is my first boyfriend. It challenges me and comforts me and I never want to live anywhere else, ever.

Yoga: As much as I love my family and city it can all be a bit much sometimes (like this morning, for example). Yoga gives me that alone time everyone needs. It is my time to meditate, to focus on myself – which is hard for any parent, no matter where they live or how many kids they have. It also allows me the indulgence that is…

Doughnuts: I honestly don’t believe people who say they don’t like doughnuts. It’s just not possible. Dough, good. Frosting, good. Small yet satisfying, good. Pick one indulgence (not like heroin or crack or anything) allow yourself to enjoy it and you won’t miss giving up all the other stuff (or at least not as much).

“The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the hole.” ― Oscar Wilde

Happy Thanksgiving! Namaste.


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