The Donut Pub

Born and raised in NYC, just like me, The Donut Pub is an institution. No fancy flavors, no seasonal variations. Just amazing doughnuts. Which are just as good sober as they are when you’re drunk – who knew!?

Allow me to explain. I was born in Manhattan in 1976. It wasn’t what you see today. My mom’s friends told her she was crazy when we moved to Union Square. The park itself was run by gangs and there was an Off Track Betting in the ground floor of the building. But the apartment was clean and we had a doorman and so long as we got on the bus on the corner of University and 14th, we were OK. We NEVER went to the far side of Sixth Avenue, let alone Seventh so I never made it to The Donut Pub.

Fast forward to 1992. David Dinkins is Mayor and I am going to Stuyvesant and if you thought the movie Kids was just a movie you are wrong, very very wrong. We went to raves and drank and a lot of my friends did drugs. I was the NYC version of a designated driver – I made sure you got in a cab to go home. On the way back from one of our many outings, we would stop in the Donut Pub. Open 24 hours, seven days a week – it was the perfect place to go after a night out of dancing. Especially with my teenage metabolism. The original detox to retox.

Fast forward to today, I was pleased to see that nothing has changed. In a city all about transformation, it was nice to see that some things remain. They offer your basic variety of doughnuts. Filled: Boston Creme, jelly, lemon, etc. Donut rings: chocolate, honey dipped, sprinkles, marble glazed, etc And old fashioned donuts: cinnamon, plain, sugar, whole wheat. And my all time favorite: WHOLE WHEAT GLAZED. So good, so balanced, so fresh, so a reminder of things passed. My mom always goes for the Boston Cream.

My husband will tell you that they are too small and no big deal and that we should have just gone to Dough Loco. But if you want a straight up, no frills, amazingly good doughnut – this is the place to go. Get a coffee (with half and half), sit at the counter and talk to some New Yorkers. I promise there will be one waiting for you – talk about how crappy the neighborhood used to be and how much better it was then. It’s our favorite topic.

Happy Saturday!


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