Don’t Forget to Breathe

I feel like the more I remember this, the more I need reminding.

Thursday Bikram (breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe)
Friday Flywheel (don’t hold your breath, breathe)
Saturday Flywheel (I can’t breathe, help me)
Sunday Bikram (concentrate, meditate, begin, deep breaths)

6AM wake up, yoga?
6:45a make sure you wake up for real.
7AM wake up the kids – wake up the husband.
7:30a out the door. Breathe.

8:15a drop Jordan at school
8:30a grab breakfast – why do they always make mine last.
9AM at work, is the boss here yet? Breathe.

Work – the ultimate moving meditation. Breathe.
Stay calm. Run, breathe.
Jam lunch down your throat. Stretch, breathe.
Deal with all the work that is thrown at you at 5PM. Breathe

6:30p pick up the kids, navigate the NYC Subway system. Breathe.
7PM homework (deep, deep breaths!)
8PM dinner – something everyone will LOVE (ack! Breathe!)
9PM bath time (actual breathing room)
10PM sleeping time. One final nice deep breath.



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