Weekly Workouts (December 1st)

This past Saturday at Flywheel, I adjusted my seat height and halfway through class my knee felt like crap. It certainly had an effect on my Bikram class on Sunday. As much as I love Flywheel, yoga is always number one – so no spinning for me this week. I did find a one week free pass from Yoga Works and my boss is out of the office! With all of that in mind, my plan is as follows.

Monday off – I can never wake up early, I can never go to class after work. It just doesn’t happen and rather than beat myself up about it, I am just accepting what is. Mondays will be my free day! Hurray!

Tuesday through Friday I am going to try to make the most of my week pass (from Yoga Works and from my boss being around) and take a class a day! Vinyasa here I come!

Saturday and Sunday will be my usual Bikram Yoga East Harlem routine. I would LOVE to squeeze in a double on one day or the other – Sunday looks like a possibility. I will say – there is a monotony setting in so come January I think I will take my Classpass membership off hold. I love Flywheel but more than one class a week is too much for my knee – and my wallet.

I still really want to add running in to the routine but seeing as I’m not a fan, I don’t think rain is going to help me see the error of my ways. Which is an excuse to avoid running – I know. But I’m sticking to it.


The photo is from Montauk – where I would rather be.


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