Sugarcane Pose/Ardha Chandra Chapasana

My new favorite thing is to search through the Yoga Journal pose finder and attempt something different.  Today I decided to go with the Sugarcane Pose or Ardha Chandra Chapasana (which is a variation of Half Moon Pose).  I thought I would like it as it has some elements of Standing Bow Pulling Pose but with the extra balance challenge that Half Moon Pose asks of you.

Sugarcane Pose builds endurance and strength in the legs.  It opens the hips and lengthens the spine with a subtle twist.  And it stretches the quadriceps of the raised leg.  I also found that it did the same to the standing leg as I pushed farther in to the pose.  I really love this pose and will work it in to my home practice as much as possible.  The steps to getting in to this pose are many and complicated and NECESSARY so I will leave them all here.  It has a long introduction that is a great read – discussing the difference between precision and perfectionism.  “Precision is about process. Perfectionism occurs when you believe the myth that there is an endpoint in your yoga practice.”  Perfectionism can lead to self doubt and criticism while precision requires mindfulness and awareness – two things that are essential to a good, fruitful yoga practice.

It’s honestly amazing what a little yoga can do.  I feel so refreshed after working my way through a new pose.  It’s exciting to see what my body can do – funny when I realize that I can’t get anywhere NEAR what the pose is asking of me.  And great to keep those impossible poses in the back of mind to keep trying and hopefully someday achieve.  Last night was rough with neither one of my kids sleeping through the night.  I woke up with a tight back and my knee still hurts from Flywheel.  Add to that what is happening in my city right now and it was a difficult morning.  But when I’m trying a new yoga pose, I can’t think of anything else or I will fall.  It is amazing how that clears your mind and allows focus on the other side of the struggle.

Thank you yoga for always being there for me.  And thank you Yoga Journal for a list of new and challenging positions to try.  Please excuse my crazy eyes in the above photo – this pose is not easy to hold!



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