Dunkin’ Donuts

I can’t have a blog about yoga and doughnuts (donuts) and not acknowledge Dunkin’.  America runs on Dunkin’!  It’s time to make the doughnuts.  And other taglines I can’t remember right now.

Dunkin’ Donuts has 60% of the market share so they are doing something right.  They have 7,000 stores in America nad want to double that number in the next two decades.  That’s a lot of doughnuts.  Is it possible to make tasty doughnuts on that scale?  The number of people in the store I visited this morning makes me think the answer is no.  They plow through so many doughnuts (and so much coffee) it is clearly all down to numbers, ROI and speed that taste has been abandoned.  But it’s utilitarian.  I needed a coffee and doughnut, I was late for work, I went to DD and I got what I needed.

This morning, for $6 I bought a pumpkin cake doughnut, small iced coffee and an egg and cheese croissant.  The coffee was bland, the egg sandwich was made in a microwave and the pumpkin doughnut tasted like sugar and “spice” but I’m full and I was in and out of the store in two minutes (no joke).  I would spend $7 on a coffee and doughnut from Dough (granted, the coffee is amazing and the doughnut is proof of God).  But sometimes I need speed and economy AND a doughnut.  Yeah Dunkin’!

But there was ZERO satisfaction in the meal.  The coffee must have some amount of caffeine but it tastes like water.  The doughnut was a perfect (depressing) circle that looked exactly like the last pumpkin cake doughnut I bought from them and will no doubt look like the next.  The egg and cheese croissant sandwich was the most flavorful but that flavor was basically fat – not that I’m complaining.  I’m full of chemicals, not happiness.  #sadface

My husband is from Kansas City – ‘Merica! – land of the chain restaurant, and he has written off Dunkin’ Donuts.  Meanwhile I’m born and raised in NYC and I still appreciate them for what they are.  We were talking about my less than stellar experience at Peter Pan Donuts and I said that I felt I couldn’t properly judge them as I had an end-of-day doughnut.  He reminded me of what happened to our day old Dough Loco doughnuts and then wondered what Dunkin’ was doing to theirs as they ALWAYS look the same – no matter the time of day.  The world may never know.

Happy Friday!


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