Bikram Double

Block out everything else, forget what you left outside those doors. You are here for yourself.

And with that Cheryl began the 9AM class at Bikram Yoga East Harlem today. I had to remember that today even more than usual. I left my husband at home with our two kids to embark on a Bikram double – back to back Bikram classes. Something I have never done before but have wanted to try for a while.

Through the first breathing exercise and three postures, I was certainly very nervous. I kept thinking about the next class and would I be able to make it through and maybe I could just go home in between and no one would notice. But then Cheryl made a joke about my doing a double – asking the class if anyone wanted to join me – and I was fine from there forward. I pushed myself farther in Floor Bow than I have before and balanced for a long time in toe stand. Then the class ended and I realized that I really needed to hydrate myself if I was going to make it through the second. Luckily they have coconut water for sale – I drank that can like it was my job.

A visiting teacher named Otto led us through the 11AM class. I can’t lie – it was hard. I messed up on the silliest things (keeping my hands in prayer when my fingers are meant to be interlocked with index fingers released during balancing stick pose and my Triangle Pose was an absolute mess – but it’s always the hardest, even on a good day. But my standing head to knee pose was much better in the second class and the entire thing just flew by.

It’s not something I can do with any regularity (there are two women at BYEH who do a double almost every week) but I am very happy to have challenged myself and completed the task. And will certainly try it again – just not for a little while.



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