I Heart You BYEH

Last week was a complete wash. My knee was still hurting from Flywheel and I had a cold. Useless.

But today I went to BIkram Yoga East Harlem to work out for the first time in a week (six days to be exact). The beauty of an established routine, I woke up, my husband assumed I was going, I said bye to my kids and off I went. And thank GOD.

I feel better in every way. My knee held up through everything save for Triangle Pose (always the hardest) and I feel like my cold has lessened.

Of course the irony is that my teacher Stephanie came over to help with an adjustment DURING Triangle Pose. She had mercy on me and demonstrated on my good side. Thankfully. That pose truly is the pinnacle of the practice – it’s so hard that I forgive myself when I cheat. I need to ask as much of myself in the hard poses as I do with the easy ones.

And according to the scale, I need to get back in the saddle. Classpass is calling my name.



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