Clear Your Mind of Can’t

On Sunday, in my 11AM Bikram class, we were working our way in to Camel Pose. As the teacher was talking us through the steps to get in to the pose and then extend it to the full expression, one of my fellow students was shaking her head no. Between sets, our teacher called her our – he said he wasn’t sure why she was shaking her head or what part she thought she couldn’t do. But she had resigned herself to not being able to do it before even giving it a shot.

The next day on my Instagram feed, I saw a posting from Yoga Inspiration that used the above quote. Serendipity.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times people have said to me – Oh, I see your blog (or your Instagram account) and you look great but I can’t do that. How do you know? Have you tried? Did you expect to be perfect straight out the gate or did you give yourself a chance to screw up a few times. Maybe try I different path?

Pictured is my attempt at Wild Thing. I have done it a couple of times before in Vinyasa classes but I’m sure it’s not 100% perfect. However, I also know it’s getting better. It’s not the pose I wanted to do for this posting. I wanted to to Upward Facing Two Footed Staff Pose. I tried – multiple times. It didn’t happen. But I’ll keep trying – and hopefully, someday soon, I will get close enough that my friend Kim (who takes most of these pictures for me) won’t laugh at me and tell me to choose something else.

Isn’t life too short for “CAN’T”? Wouldn’t your life just be super boring if you allowed your fears to dictate every move? Now… Off to try another pose.



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