Challenge Accepted (Cheesecake Doughnut)

I have been stalking Dough for three days waiting for them to put out their cheesecake doughnut – it’s a hard knock life, I know.  But man oh man was it worth it.  This doughnut is the business.  The cheesecake topping is a lovely fluffy concoction that must have at least a little hint of lemon in it.  The graham cracker crumbs on the top are the perfect counter balance and it’s all subtle enough that you can still taste the doughnut itself – which never disappoints.  I was expecting something really heavy but this is exactly the opposite.  I had always planned to share it with at least one other person, thinking it would be too much for me. But I was wrong – why did I ever doubt you, Dough?

Next to the cheesecake doughnut was one that I originally thought was the apple jam filled but no.  It was something new.  And my friend behind the counter insisted I try it – who am I to say no.  It was a passion-fruit filled doughnut and is proof of life.  I wish I knew where they source their sugar because it is somehow lighter and more flavorful than other sugars.  But that’s just the outside of this lovely little puff of doughnut.  The passion-fruit jam inside is amazing.  Lovely sweet/tart balance that passion fruit offers with a smooth, almost creamy consistency.  I ate it right there in the store, hence my needing to ask for help with the cheesecake doughnut.  Which put a huge smile on my friend’s face – totally worth it!

Happy Friday to me!


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