It’s Called Yoga Practice not Yoga Perfect

In my Bikram class this morning, after completing Triangle Pose twice on each side, I positioned myself for a third round. Oops. But then when we moved on to Cobra Pose, one of my fellow students tried to skip straight to Full Lotus. When asked to call it out, a third student was silent on Camel Pose because she couldn’t remember the animal. So we called it animal pose instead – which was pretty fabulous.

The point of all this is, we were all people with pretty consistent practices who still make mistakes. Why do people always tell me that they tried yoga once but weren’t any good at it so they decided it wasn’t for them. Do you think I could do Bird of Paradise the first time I tried? I have had a consistent yoga practice for a while now and only just found the courage to try inversions.

Do you think Tiger hit a hole in one the first time his father put a club in his hand? Do you think the Williams Sisters have been hitting aces from birth?

It’s a yoga practice. Not a yoga perfect. Give it a chance. Give yourself a break.



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