Pork Chops (Monday Meals)

We like to do this with quinoa, millet or rice and applesauce but naturally you can go with any side that you prefer. I find that the sweetness of the applesauce is a good balance to the spices in the rub on the pork chops. The following assumes you have a slow-cooker.

2tsp ground allspice
2tsp black pepper
2tsp ground cinnamon
2tsp ground nutmeg
4tsp ground thyme
1 cup chopped green onions
6tbs soy sauce
1tsp ground ginger
4 garlic cloves, minced
4tsp sugar
2tsp salt
8 lean pork chops, 1-inch thick

In a food processor, combine all ingredients that aren’t the pork chops themselves. Coat the pork chops with this paste and place in the crockpot or slow-cooker. Cook on low for 7 hours or high for 3.5 hours.

30 minutes before its all done, prepare the quinoa, rice or millet according to the packaging. I add in a tablespoon of olive oil for taste.

Plate with some applesauce (I pour some of the sauce at the bottom of the slow cooker on top of the grains), serve and enjoy. Because wheat is the second ingredient in soy sauce, the above is NOT Gluten Free (as many of my recipes are).


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