Yoga Vida (Studio Review)

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t taken a class a Yoga Vida since starting this blog. I consistently use their on-line offering and recently took an inversion clinic at the location on Broadway. But until yesterday, it had been a while since I took a class at their actual studio. Yesterday I went to the one on University – it’s four blocks from my mom’s house and she is very supportive of my practice so it’s convenient in that regard. But I would go to them no matter what.

They are all so very welcoming, the spaces themselves are beautiful – old NY lofts with super high ceilings and beautiful arched windows. The classes are mostly Vinyasa flow and they move pretty quickly, which I love. The teachers all do a good job of getting the class in to a nice rhythm together and you will certainly warm up quickly. The classes always build to one or two master poses – yesterday it was crow. I REALLY need to work on my crow pose. But they give you multiple variations to try so you never feel like you are the only one who is barely getting your toes off the floor.

As with any studio, they have mats and towels available to rent as well as water and coconut water for purchase. They have changing rooms but no showers. Each studio has a nice place to sit and relax – either before or after class.

They can be a little mystical – talking about brightening your sides and making your armpits smile at each other. But it all comes from such a genuine place, it makes you happier. They have a $20 one-ween introductory special so if you find yourself in NYC and need a place to practice, try Yoga Vida. And who knows, Hilaria Baldwin may teach your class!



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