Weekly Workouts (December 22nd)

I went to Yoga Vida today for the 4PM flow class. I’ve been using their on-line videos and went to a posture clinic but I haven’t been to an actual class in a while. I didn’t realize I missed it as much as I did.

Saturday and Sunday will be my usual Bikram classes. So Tuesday through Friday I want to be brave. I want to go back to Flywheel for real. I want the FINALLY go for that free week at Yoga Works and maybe (maybe?!) go for a run?

I hurt my knee playing rugby in college. I had my ACL replaced and it healed perfectly but it is still my weak spot and I am forever terrified of hurting myself again. The last time I went to Flywheel, I tweaked it. I miss Flywheel and really want to go back but am so scared of messing up my knee again. Maybe I’ll pick a bike in the back and take it easy. Get back on that horse.

I get nervous going to new places. ClassPass made it easier because I was there “with” them, so to speak. I haven’t used the free week at Yoga Works because I am afraid to take that first step in to the studio. I look at the schedule all the time and make plans. I bring my workout clothes to work and ask my mom to watch the kids. But I still haven’t gone.

The scariest of all is running. I feel very exposed out there all by myself. But I want to challenge myself and love the idea of being able to go whenever and wherever. But I haven’t gone for a run in more than a year. And before that it was easily three.

The good thing is, with one workout down today and Bikram Saturday and Sunday, I only need one more to be over 50% for the week. Not bad for the holiday season!


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