(Bikram) Yoga and (Dough Loco) Doughnuts

We had a full day today, my family did.

First stop was Dough Loco – I was hoping to give their cake doughnuts a second chance but because of the holiday, they hadn’t made any and only had a few yeast. My husband had the blueberry/rosemary/lime and I went for the miso maple. I think they made a bunch this morning and then just sat them out and were planning to close when they were done. Whatever happened, they weren’t their best. Thank goodness for the Intelligentsia coffee. But the doughnuts did fuel our long walk to come. I charted it when we finally got home – all told we walked six miles today.

On Wednesday I slipped and fell hard on my left side. All my weight landed on my knee and ankle. I felt OK yesterday but the walk today showed me EXACTLY where I hurt myself. I pulled something in my left calf muscle and it let me know just how bad things were tonight in Bikram. Standing Head to Knee was basically impossible from the get go. My standing leg was NOT a lamppost, unbroken. I did – in fact – have a knee.

But I was able to work on my triangle pose some more. Stefanie was teaching tonight at Bikram Yoga East Harlem and I always see her turn to me when it’s time for triangle. She is trying to get me to stop leaning down in to the pose but rather pull my arms in opposing directions. I was convinced my injury would come in to play here but it didn’t and after class she told me I was making progress! Same with Camel, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to execute the full expression of the pose but I was just fine.

The point of my rambling is this – don’t anticipate being unable to do something. Listen to your body – if you are truly in pain, don’t push yourself. But I easily could have stayed home today with an icepack on my foot. Instead we went out and had a great time with our kids and I am all the happier for it.



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