Yoga Works Union Square (Studio Review)

I was brave and finally visited Yoga Works yesterday. The woman with whom I have been corresponding was surprised to see me finally walk in the door. The studio itself has a large good-sized with a desk to greet people, cubbies for shoes and a large area where clothes, props, mats and other yoga paraphernalia are available for purchase. There are three small changing rooms and one bathroom – no showers. They have two studios: one over looking Fifth Avenue (pictured above) and one in the back of the building – where I took both of my classes.

Their offerings are broken up in to different levels and styles. On Saturday I did the YogaWorks Flow 2/3 class with Chrissy Carter. The class was good – it built to a headstand. But the flow was kind of disjointed and I can’t say that I ever really felt that I was matching movement to breath. She was very nice and clearly had a lot of regulars as she had a good repartee with many of the students around me.

Today I did YogaWorks 1/2 with Maya Ray-Schoenfield. The woman next to me was a regular and told me in advance that Maya’s class would be more restorative than Chrissy’s and that we would maybe use dense rubber balls for some massage work. I enjoyed Maya’s class a lot – she actually achieved a better Vinyasa flow. And while the class wasn’t as obviously strenuous as the other (we didn’t build to a master pose) I was challenged. And certainly felt better when the class was done than I did walking in.

Both Maya and Chrissy are teacher trainers and it comes across in their classes – they are very clear in their instruction and supportive when you need some extra help. I am in the market for a place to do a 200 hour teacher training and I thought I would try Yoga Works – largly because they have so many studios I though maybe I would stand a better chance of actually teaching when I was done as opposed to some of the other studios I like that only have two locations and are teaching 20 students at a time.

My main negative is the people at the front desk are pushing HARD for me to buy a package. I am currently there on one week free trial. I was held up after class today for a good 15 minutes being pressed to buy a 12-month package or maybe the six month, or the 300 class package or at least a month-to-month. It was like I was in some sort of timeshare death trap. It was bad enough that I am rethinking going back for the remainder of my free week.

The above photo is from their website – they ask that you not use your phone in the studio and I am trying to be more respectful of such requests.


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