Weekly Workouts (December 29th)

Despite their pushing me like a used car salesman, I am determined to go back to Yoga Works at least two more times to see if maybe it would be a good place for me to do my teacher training. So I will probably go today and tomorrow and take classes with two more teacher trainers. I am so on the fence about doing teacher training there and really want to give it a real chance before making a decision either way.

Wednesday I would LOVE to go back to Flywheel, hopefully my knee will be feeling better by then – first I hurt it at Flywheel a few weeks back and then I fell smack on it Christmas Eve. I’m signed up for the 10AM class so we’ll see. Wednesday night we’re going to our friend’s house in Putnam County and plan to greet the new year with many MANY cocktails so I am guessing Thursday will be a wash. Hopefully I can go to Bikram Yoga East Harlem on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Not too exciting, I know. But I have decided to re-up my ClassPass membership in January so I will have some new places to try and some more exciting posts to write. Until then, I am closing out 2014 with classes I know and love.


The picture is from the Flatiron back in April. I figured we could all use a little color – NYC has been especially gray as of late.


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