Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

Warrior III is my favorite variation of the pose. I shouldn’t say that. What I love is flowing through all the variations in Vinyasa, matching movement to breath. I am in the most meditative state in this powerful posture.

With the feet properly aligned (great step by step instructions can be found in both links above) This alignment gives you a stable base from which to move. It is the strength coupled with the grace of the arm movements that make this series of posture s beautiful. It is the combination that has me writing about it for the second time. Make sure your pelvis is pushed down but you lift up through your back. Your hips are turning forward slightly but you shoulders are in line creating a slight bend. Everything is balance. Everything has a counter.

Hopefully I can make it through more Warrior poses soon. I started a 30-day posture challenge on Instagram which should be fun. Today was Plank pose. I’m nervous for Crow but that’s why it’s called a challenge, right?


Clearly this is not the correct alignment. But it is my reality. I spent an hour trying to take a photo of myself in Warrior III (with hands in prayer variation) but my life kept getting in the way. So I added it in. A new variation, perhaps?


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