30-day Yoga Posture Challenge

A friend of mine invited me to join her in a 30-day yoga posture challenge on Instagram. We are currently on day three. The first day was a plank pose, second was Navasana or boat pose – which I am not good at. Today is Lolasana which I can just about pull off. The fourth pose is side plank (pictured) and the fifth is Crow – damned crow!

While I am pretty bad at the majority of the poses required, it’s fun to give it a try and have a connection with my friend who lives in California. I do think she tricked me a bit, though – she practices Ashtanga and I see a good amount of overlap. But it’s all good.

It’s fun to try new poses and see how other people are doing on Instagram. Some people dislike the posture selfies and yes there is a good amount of #humblebragging going on. I recently posted a picture of me struggling in a pose and received a good amount of encouragement which was nice – and suggestions on how to improve upon it.

Anyway, if you’re on Insagram and want to join the instructions are as follows:

1. Repost this image to your Instagram feed.
2. Tag friends in this post who may want to participate with you.
3. Make sure to follow @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga, & @aloyoga
4. After you are warmed up, try the pose of the day and post your best attempt (no contest here, simply post your progress).
5. Post daily or post when you can.
6. Do your best and encourage others along the way!
7. Make sure to tag #beSTRONGin2015

Hope to see your photos! Namaste.

I need to remember to turn off that light if I’m going to keep taking photos on my dining table (AKA the only place I am safe from J&G).


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