Weekly Workouts (January 5th)

I did pretty well this week. I went back to Yoga Works on Monday and Tuesday – the space is nice and the classes were challenging. I just didn’t like it as much as Yoga Vida. At Yoga Vida there is a consistency in the teaching from one teacher to the next. At Yoga Works I feel like I would only want to go to one or two classes whereas with Yoga Vida if I have the time available, I am happy to see any of the teachers. I didn’t go to any classes on Wednesday and Thursday but Friday and Saturday I went to Flywheel and today (Sunday) I went to Bikram Yoga East Harlem. So all in all it was a good week.

Next week – the week of January 5th – is our first back in the office after two weeks off. I am worried that it will mean a lot of long hours (both in the office and on my computer at home). Hopefully I will be able to go to Bikram on Saturday and Sunday and maybe do some Yoga Vida on-demand during the week. I was brave with two things (Yoga Works and Flywheel) so maybe this is the week I will finally brave enough to go for a run outside – we’ll see.

I signed up for an all-day workshop at Yoga Vida later this month that comes with a free month of classes. I would love to go to the studio next week but will just have to play it by ear. And I have the 30-day posture challenge I’m participating in on Instagram. Hopefully, if I am disciplined, it will all add up to a good week.



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