Wind Removing Pose (Pavanmuktasana)

Ignore the name of the pose.  I have been practicing yoga steadily for almost five years and I can honestly say I have only farted in class once.  And it wasn’t during Pavanmuktasana. The pose is meant to “massage” the abdomen – the ascending colon when holding your right knee, the descending colon when holding the left and the transverse when holding both.  It’s not a sexy pose, it won’t get you a lot of “double taps” on Instagram.  But it’s a good transition from the standing series in Bikram to the floor poses and does a great job of stretching out your legs.

It’s one of those poses where it can be hard to see improvement, the changes are subtle.  But for the first time last week, I felt like the back of my neck was making it’s way down to the floor.  I am very good about drinking water and am quite regular (TMI) so I can’t say if this is or is not helping me in that area.  But it does a great job of stretching out my thighs.  I can feel the difference in my right leg and my left (with the bad knee).  I can certainly feel the difference when I’m in this pose if I have recently been to Flywheel.  Hurts so good.

It is also meant to help the immune system and metabolism – I don’t get sick a lot and you see how many doughnuts I eat (follow me on Instagram!).  Maybe this strange little pose really is helping me.  Or maybe it’s just a nice way to wake up my body after Savasana.  Either way, I’ll take it.


The awkwardness of the photo above?  I’m taller than I realized – who knew!?


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