Dough Loco Cake Doughnuts (Round Two)

We had to take our daughter to Mt. Sinai today (nothing serious) and Dough Loco is around the corner so clearly we made a mid-day visit. For some reason they experiment with new flavors for their cake doughnuts but not the yeast – which are my husband’s favorite. Today we tried a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and what basically amounted to cocoa crisps. We also had the blueberry pancake and bought a blueberry/rosemary/lime as a baseline. Don’t judge them by my photo – they got squashed in my bag. #sadface

These cake doughnuts were much better than the first ones we tried – they were more moist. We bought the last chocolate one – I literally yelled for it as someone else was coming in because I was worried he wanted it too. #issues #ihavethem

My husband liked the chocolate, of course. Of the two cake doughnuts it was the drier and the flavors weren’t as complex. Vanilla cake, chocolate frosting. Meh. The blueberry pancake was actually really good. The frosting was reminiscent of maple syrup and the doughnut itself was quite moist. The yeast blueberry/rosemary/lime is always good but honestly I prefer Dough‘s yeast doughnuts. These are a little dense and dry for my liking.

But I would love to try some of these new flavors on their yeast base. I wonder why they aren’t more experimental with those doughnuts?

Happy Thursday!


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