You Can Take It With You

I am forever wanting to run more because I love the freedom of it – but the truth is, I have that same freedom with my at-home yoga practice.  On Monday, I was able to get in some yoga before heading out for the day.  It was a great way to ease my way back in to a routine after two weeks off.

I have been participating in a 30-day posture challenge on Instagram and have posted photos from my dining table, front garden – even my old boss’ desk (don’t tell).  In addition to the Yoga Vida on-demand offering I use (and won’t shut up about) I also have a great book (pictured) by Kathryn Budig that I often use to correct my position/alignment when I’m not sure of a posture included in one of the video classes.

I love the atmosphere of a studio, I love being in a room full of people all moving together – I love that energy.  I love having a teacher (and sometimes assistants) there to guide us and correct when necessary.  But I also love the freedom of an at-home practice.  The freedom to continue my practice whenever I want but also the freedom to fail.  It can be intimidating to be in a room full of people who must have been popping up in to hand stands from birth while you wile away in down-dog trying TRYING to kick one foot up.  Just one.  Higher than 12 inches damn it, come on!  Whereas at home, I can struggle, try variations, take a break, come back to it, skip it all together and take the minute or two to check for any new likes for my latest blog post (who does that?!)…

And you can take it with you in that it will be there for you if you are travelling.  Bring your book, log-on to your on-line account.  I was always confused by people who would go to the gym while on vacation.  But my husband loves to go for a run when we are in a new place.  Why shouldn’t I roll out my yoga mat in the hotel room, or maybe in a neighboring park, or get a day-pass at a local studio.  I love yoga, I’m sure I would love it in LA just as much as I do in NYC.

I have had many friends tell me that they would like to start yoga but aren’t any good at it – which is an insane statement but we’ll leave that for another day.  Start at home!  My on-demand membership costs me $20/month but there are some out there for $8/month.  Or you can pop on any number of free sites and find great videos.  The book I bought cost a little under $20 but I’m sure you could find something for less.  Or follow some yogis on Instagram – search #yogavideo.

Again, I am forever wanting to go running because it’s inexpensive.  But your home yoga practice is inexpensive too!  And unlike with running, silly things like inclement weather don’t get in your way.



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