30-day Posture Challenge (Week 2)

As much as I wasn’t in to the 30 day squat challenge, I am TOTALLY in to this one. I check the night before to see what the new pose will be, I watch the videos over and over and look things up in my book or on Yoga Journal. Since my last post, we have gone through days four to ten.

Day 4: Side Plank has a million variations and I love to tinker with them. But my house is overrun with kids (well, two) meaning that for photos I often get up on my dinner table – out of their way. It’s actually scarier than I thought to be up there and looking at that photo now I realize that I was so focused on not slipping that I forgot to flex my top foot! Rookie mistake.

Day 5: Crow Pose requires my full attention. I can’t be worried about the girl next to me in her Lululemon and perfect balayage hair. I need to be able to try multiple times, find that exact position and then go for it. And even then my arms are bent but whatever, I did it! Picture or it didn’t happen? Well there’s your picture! Boom!

Day 6: Jumpback kicked my butt! I couldn’t get my feet off the floor let alone under and then behind me. But the strange thing is, it motivated me to jump back in to Chaturanga today so it helped me achieve something! I also did a true Chaturunga today – thighs off the floor and everything. This challenge has shown me that I can do poses I always just guessed would be unattainable. So while I can’t even begin to do a Jumpback, I believe that one day maybe I will. And that’s nice.

Day 7: Dolphin Pose is such a nice shoulder opener. It’s challenging and restorative at the same time. Like a slightly harder Downward Facing Dog. I could have just taken a nap in that pose but I’m guessing my boss would have frowned upon that. Ah well.

Day 8: Baby Crow was WAY easier than Crow. I would say that I just have a mental block against it but I tried in class today and it was a bust. Anyway, baby crow is more about convincing yourself that you aren’t going to fall flat on your face. Once you get over that it’s a fun pose. Don’t get me wrong, it is super hard and my heart was racing for like 15 minutes after doing it – but it’s more easily attainable. And that’s always nice.

Day 9: Tripod Headstand is a pretty strong pose for me. The night before taking this photo I had things all planned out. I was going to get in to the pose in front of the Flatiron Building and do a timelapse photo. I was super psyched and then woke up to snow. So I had to go with the Empire State Building as a backdrop instead. It’s a hardknock life living and working in NYC.

Day 10: Side Crow is much easier than crow pose – or at least it was for me. I have been working on crow for months now whereas I only started to try side crow the day before taking the photo – mostly because I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to do it. Side Crow is more about finding your balance – getting your knee to hit your opposite forearm in just the right way. Crow is all about core strength. Which I just don’t have right now.

Excited to see what the next seven days bring.


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